Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Guzelçamlı Coastline on a Spring Day

The view along the coastline from Davultar to Guzelçamlı on a beautiful spring day.

Heading Out For The Day

An Oceanis 473 Clipper from the Beneteau Shipyard in Saint Ville-Croix-de-Vie, Vendee, France, heading out of Kuşadası Marina for a day out in the beautiful spring sunshine.

Take A Pew And Enjoy The View

One of the many benches along the seafront at Kuşadası, this one gives you a lovely view of Pigeon Island.

Kuşadası's Coast Guard

Kuşadası's Coast Guard out on patrol, with Pigeon Island in the background in this first shot.

The Turkish Coast Guard is part of the Turkish Armed Forces and was established in 1859.

This vessel is a SAR 33 Class Patrol Vessel.  It has a speed range of 33 knots, 450 miles at 24 kts, and a crew of 24.  The prototype of this vessel was designed by Erbil Sertel, a renowned Turkish Navel Engineer and built by Abeking & Rasumssen.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Fishing Off Paradise Beach

Our local beach cafe offers 'locally caught' fish on its menu, and when they say 'locally caught', they mean caught right off their stretch of beach.

As well as using fishing rods they use a smaller version of the drag net type of fishing, where they cast out a net in a half circle off the beach using a small fishing boat.

After a short while one of them swims around inside the net to see if they have caught anything. Engin drew the short straw today, it is a bright February day, but the sea temperature is somewhat bracing at the moment.  They then drag in the net onto the beach collecting up the fish caught.

The fish had obviously decided to go to a different spot, as today's catch was one fish and an octopus.
Engin's daughter was quite excited at the octopus.

Keeping with the rustic feel of the experience, the fish is cleaned on a wooden block on the beach.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Various Shots Along Kuşadası's Seafront

We will start off at the point most people consider to be the central point along the seafront, with its focal point of the hand containing the doves of peace.
As you can see as you look along the edge of the promenade, sitting on the numerous benches, looking out to see, is a favourite pastime.
 That's one bright colourful piece of play equipment with a fantastic view.
 The next two photos are showing parts of the street that runs alongside the Marina and Marina Shopping Centre.
We have now walked back to the Hand Of Peace and have continued on in the direction of the Cruise Terminal.
 The other main area along the seafront is the large square containing Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's Statue.
 I took this shot as it just said to me "That is some security for the Bank!"
 We are now in the Fisherman's Square containing the fish market, various fish restaurants......
 and a relatively new fountain, which adds an additional focal point to this area, which has had a recent renovation.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Cruise Ship Terminal End Of Kuşadası Seafront

Most people know of Pigeon Island located to the right of the Cruise Ship Terminal, but there are some other lovely views this end too.  We have some pretty large cruise ships docking here, and this view with the town in the background really gives you a sense of scale.
 It would be lovely to see this clock tower renovated, the colours of the glass are beautiful.
Here you can see the clock tower in the centre of this shot.  We are currently looking back on the road that leads from the Cruise Terminal to Pigeon Island.
 This guy has a big staining job on his hands?
 In the distance you can see Snake Peninsula- Yılançı Burnu, which can be found past Pigeon Island.
 The land connecting the mainland to Snake Peninsula is now home to clubs and restaurants.
This area of sea is very popular with local scuba divers.