Saturday, 12 January 2013

Views From The New Marina Shopping Centre, Kuşadası

Last year Kuşadası started the first phase of its revamping of Kuşadası's Marina area with a new shopping centre.  I think it was a really good idea to add a walkway to the top of the shopping centre as it gives some lovely views over this end of the Seafront, the Marina and also across the bay to the Cruise Terminal, and Pigeon Island.  Here are a few shots I took last week, on a very cold but lovely bright day.

Here we are looking across to the Cruise Terminal and Snake Island, in the very distance:

Looking inland, it is amazing how built up Kuşadası is looking now.

The planting here is still quite young, but it is looking good.

Pigeon Island in the distance.

Some shots of the boats in the Marina.

Cacti and Ornamental Grasses are always a winner in gardens.

How many 'Masts' can you count?

There's always at least one boat on dry dock being worked on, there looks like a lot of work to be done on this one before the start of the new season.

There are still a few New Year decorations about.