Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Kuşadası Marina

Kuşadası Marina can be found to the right of the sweeping bay, it is one of 9 marinas in Turkey belonging to the Setur Marina Group.  It has a mooring capacity of 450 boats, each of which can be to a maximum of 90 meters long, with a maximum depth of 5 meters.  There is also the capacity to hold 150 boats on land.

It is a popular marina and sheltered in winter, so there are always plenty of boats to be seen.  This photo was taken from the garden area on the roof of the Marina Shopping Centre.

Spot the masts, 'How may can you count?'.

There's something about white boats and masts against a clear blue sky!

'Mind the gap!'

I took this photo showing the main road within the Marina, just to give you some idea of how vast an area it covers.

As I had mentioned at the start of this article, the Marina houses several boats on dry dock, where they are in various states of repair, these always make for interesting photos.

This is one of the many day trip boats having a spruce up before the start of the season.

I had first took these first two photos back in January, it is now June and the boat is still being worked on.

The original day trip boat must now be sailing the seas, as it has been replaced by another one in need of some tlc.  'One day when I grow up I hope to look sleek, white and new, just like you!'

Even the junior sailing club boats are having a spruce up for the season, its a dusty business.

The Marina is also the home of Kuşadası's coast guard vessel.

The Tranquil End Of Kuşadası

Kuşadası, on the Aegean Coast of Turkey is a bustling holiday destination during the summer months. The area to the side of the state run hospital, which is currently being expanded, provides you with one of the few areas where you can view Kuşadası bay with some greenery in the shot.

As you can see this is a fairly modern, residential, area of town but with the greenery in the foreground and Pigeon Island in the background, it still has some charm.

Where every you go in this area, and indeed most of Turkey, there will always be olive trees, to provide shade for you , and framing for your shots.

You can also get a feel for what the coast line would have once looked like before being built up with the rocks and shrubbery going right down to the waters edge.

The two hotels you can see in the centre of the shot are (in cream and beige) the Charisma and (in blue) the Kismet.

Another couple of prominent, if distant, objects in these shots, is the cruise terminal located at the opposite end of the seafront, complete today with a cruise ship and the marina, located just behind the two hotels.

This area is very popular with locals, who come and park up here to get away from the centre for a short while, and has a recently modernised cafe and small children's park area, shame about the positioning of the pine tree in this shot!

Shades of blue and green, always lovely colours to have in your summer shots.