Monday, 2 September 2013

The Golden Glow Of Summer

It's a very popular past time for the Turkish to sit and watch the sunset, and the late summer sunset over the bay of Kuşadası with the silhouette of Pigeon Island on the horizon makes a beautiful sight.

The Turkish people love their street food and a common sight is the 'Mussel Man', with their tray of stuffed mussels which are eaten with a squeeze of lemon juice.

You can take a sunset cruise from Kuşadası around Pigeon Island to get the full effect of the beautiful sunsets.

This man is still patiently waiting for the sun to set.

The sun has almost set and it looks like it is getting squashed.

That's the last of the sun we will see for today, goodnight all.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Candy Floss Man

Candy Floss, Cotton Candy or Fairy Floss has been a favourite sweet for generations of children and adults.  This spun sugar sweet was first recorded in Europe in the 18th Century.  It is still a very popular sweet here in Turkey, and makes for an impressive sight when you see the Candy Floss Men walking around the town or beach with their candy floss poles.

Bar Advertising To Tax The Brain Cells

Anywhere in the world you come across signs that make you look twice, and Turkey is no exception, sometimes due to wrong interpretation or graphics and words not going together.  I think the wording on this one has been done deliberately, but it works, it makes you stop and read it again and take a photo of it, so advertising job done.