Monday, 11 November 2013

Cruise Ship Terminal End Of Kuşadası Seafront

Most people know of Pigeon Island located to the right of the Cruise Ship Terminal, but there are some other lovely views this end too.  We have some pretty large cruise ships docking here, and this view with the town in the background really gives you a sense of scale.
 It would be lovely to see this clock tower renovated, the colours of the glass are beautiful.
Here you can see the clock tower in the centre of this shot.  We are currently looking back on the road that leads from the Cruise Terminal to Pigeon Island.
 This guy has a big staining job on his hands?
 In the distance you can see Snake Peninsula- Yılançı Burnu, which can be found past Pigeon Island.
 The land connecting the mainland to Snake Peninsula is now home to clubs and restaurants.
This area of sea is very popular with local scuba divers.

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