Monday, 4 November 2013

The Corner Shop

This is one of those little shops that every town used to have, but which are now becoming few and far between.  This one looks as if it has been on this street in Söke, Aydın, forever.  Being able to study it in more detail on the computer I have been able to read and translate some of the labels of the items for sale.  How many other items can you find?
Kostik, Sabun Kostic - Costic Lye Soap, used in the process of preserving olives for eating, the lye helps remove the bitter taste from the fresh olives.  Lye is also valued for its cleaning properties due to the fact it is good at dissolving grease.

Köy Sabunu - Village soap, locally produced soap mostly made from olive oil.

Naftalin - chemical used for fumigation against clothes moths.

Misir Unu - cornflower

Erten Kahve - coffee beans with the brand name Erten.

Sirkeci Ali - appears to be the owners name although it is written with his surname first, so we would say Ali Sirkeci.  His last name Sirkeci possible comes from Sirkeci which is an area in the Eminönü neighbourhood of the Fatih district of Istanbul in Turkey.

Pudra Şeker - powder sugar or icing sugar.

Çaykur - Is Turkey's largest producer of Turkish tea (Çay).

Pak Maya - pure yeast

Yerli Zeytenyağlı - domestic olive oil, home produced.

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