Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Various Shots Along Kuşadası's Seafront

We will start off at the point most people consider to be the central point along the seafront, with its focal point of the hand containing the doves of peace.
As you can see as you look along the edge of the promenade, sitting on the numerous benches, looking out to see, is a favourite pastime.
 That's one bright colourful piece of play equipment with a fantastic view.
 The next two photos are showing parts of the street that runs alongside the Marina and Marina Shopping Centre.
We have now walked back to the Hand Of Peace and have continued on in the direction of the Cruise Terminal.
 The other main area along the seafront is the large square containing Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's Statue.
 I took this shot as it just said to me "That is some security for the Bank!"
 We are now in the Fisherman's Square containing the fish market, various fish restaurants......
 and a relatively new fountain, which adds an additional focal point to this area, which has had a recent renovation.

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