Saturday, 1 March 2014

Fishing Off Paradise Beach

Our local beach cafe offers 'locally caught' fish on its menu, and when they say 'locally caught', they mean caught right off their stretch of beach.

As well as using fishing rods they use a smaller version of the drag net type of fishing, where they cast out a net in a half circle off the beach using a small fishing boat.

After a short while one of them swims around inside the net to see if they have caught anything. Engin drew the short straw today, it is a bright February day, but the sea temperature is somewhat bracing at the moment.  They then drag in the net onto the beach collecting up the fish caught.

The fish had obviously decided to go to a different spot, as today's catch was one fish and an octopus.
Engin's daughter was quite excited at the octopus.

Keeping with the rustic feel of the experience, the fish is cleaned on a wooden block on the beach.

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