Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Aerial Fire Fighters

One of the most important services here in Turkey are the Aerial Fire Fighters who have to be on call throughout the long hot summers here to attend to fires that can start up in the most in accessible places.  One group of these Fire Fighters are based closed to us in Selçuk and spend the spring practising their manoeuvers along the coast near our house.  I was fortunate to be at the beach yesterday so managed to get these shots.  The action was going on a quite a distance from the shore so they are not the best of shots, but I hope give a sense of the action.  The only thing I wish you could have heard is the sound of the engines as the plane starts to throttle up to lift off the water, you can almost feel the deep throbbing of the engines.

The planes used are Canadair CL-215's, nicknamed 'Scooper' for more information on these planes please follow this link:

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