Monday, 5 May 2014

50th Presidential Cycling Tour Of Turkey - Stage 6

Turkey has been host to the 50th Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey this week, which saw 8 stages of cycling from Alanya down on the South Coast to Istanbul in the North of the Country.

I was fortunate to catch the cyclists halfway through day 6 on their way from Bodrum to Selçuk, as they passed through Selçuk.  They were due to pass by our position somewhere around 14:52 and 15:13 depending on the pace so we were up at the main round around 14:15 just to make sure.  At around 14:20 the first of several security vehicles passed by so we knew they must not be too far behind.

Our first glimpse of the cyclists was this breakaway group of 5, which at this point was being led by Andre Greipel riding for team Lotto Belisol.  Followed by a rider from Team Caja Rural Seguros RGA, Matthias Krizek for team Cannondale, a rider from team Wanty Group Gobert, and finally a rider from team CCC Polsat Polkowice.

It made my day that Andre Greipel appeared to glance in our direction, it also looks like the TV camera was pointing at us as well, hope Ian (my husband) was smiling!

Then there was noting but a trickle of support vehicles and a few more motorbikes for around 2 minutes until we heard the TV helicopter and knew the other riders must be just over the roundabout to our left.

and then there they were.

The main peloton was being led by two of the riders from MTN Qhubeka.

In this next shot I caught site of Mark Cavendish for OmegaPharma Quick Step Cycling Team who was wearing the Sprint Green Jersey (at the front of this group), which he had held for several days. Again I was really chuffed that he seemed to glance in our direction.

It was amazing the whooshing sound that could be heard as the cyclists went past, as they were not going particularly fast and were taking the opportunity to have a drink.

I love this shot, that the rider at the back of the peloton seems to be encouraging the two that have been separated from the group to get back to them.

Smile Ian, we are on camera again.

And then that was it, according to the times on my photos the first riders came past us at 14.45 and this last photo of the riders was taken at 14.47.  Then it was just the support vehicles racing past, trying to keep up with the riders.

I did mange to get a shot of the TV helicopter, which turned out to be a funny shot as the angel makes it look like it is having a rest on top of the lamp post.

Well Stage 7 of the race starts from our home town of Kuşadası tomorrow, so we are heading to the neutral start area on the seafront to watch the build up, hope to see you all at my next blog post. Thank you for taking the time to look at this one.

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