Sunday, 16 November 2014

Ayasuluk Castle at Selçuk

Ayasuluk Castle stands atop of Ayasuluk Hill overlooking the Basilica of St John and the town of Selçuk.

Ayasuluk Castle or Citadel as it is also know, was built around 614.  It has only recently been opened to the public after some restoration works as you can see from this photo of the notice board at the entrance to the Castle.

This is part of a larger mosque which once stood in this part of the Castle.

It is not obvious from this photo but this is the ceiling of this building.

I digress slightly here but I thought this was quite a contrast, standing in the ruins of an ancient Castle overlooking modern buildings with their roofs covered in satellite dishes.

We are now standing inside a building which in later years was converted to a cistern, to collect water for the Castle.

This little frog has found a good home.

A view through the wall of this building looking out across the town of Selçuk.

Under this section of wall and below these arches can be found a cistern which collected surface water from the roads and paths around the Castle.

The Castle walls are 1.5km around with 15 towers.

Another view of the town of Selçuk below.

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