Monday, 3 November 2014

Day 1 Of Our Trip To Cappadocia

It was 6am and we were on our way.  We had the route on our sat-nav to take us across Turkey via, Söke, Aydın, Nazilli, Denizil, Dinar, Çay, Akeshir, IIgin, Kadınhanı, Konya, Sultanhani, Aksaray, Nevşehir arriving at Göreme around 12 hours later.  The drive was very good, at some point in the near future judging by the amount of road improvements currently underway, the complete 802km from Kuşadası to Cappadocia will be duel carriageway.

I think this lorry might be a little over loaded, I hope they don't come across any low hanging cables!

On our way we passed a couple of Sugar Beet Factories, which made us feel at home as we come from East Anglia in the UK which has several Sugar Beet Factories, however we have never seen so many lorry loads of sugar beet waiting to enter the factory.  Its not easy to see from the pictures but the not only was the line very long but it was also three lorries deep, that is a serious amount of sugar beet, and we still passed loads of fields where the beet was still being lifted, a lot of it by hand!

Well we made the journey in 12 hours, including stops for coffee and to stretch our legs and spending 30 minutes riding around the very very narrow streets of Göreme, lined with stone and rock and in the dark.  After asking a taxi driver and a local lady we found the hotel.

We had booked into the Taşkonak Hotel in Göreme, which is in the National Park area of Cappadocia.  The hotel was once two houses owned by generations of the same family for a few hundred years.  In early 2000 the houses were merged and renovated into the Taşkonak Hotel.  In Turkish 'taş' means stone and 'konak' means mansion or big house.

The junior suites located on the ground floor of the hotel are original caves dating back to the 16th Century.  The caves would have been used as stables or storage.  Later families used some of the cave rooms as living areas during the summer months.
The first floor was added in 1885 during modernisation.  Which means that the rooms of the hotel are between 130 and 500 years old.

The owners of the hotel are Yılmaz and Angela, Yılmaz is a Göreme local and Angela is from Australia.

Some of the photos of the outside of the hotel were taken on our last morning, after a night of rain.

After we had unpacked we had a walk into town, ok it was quite early for Turkey being 8pm, but it seemed really quite around town.  After getting our bearings we stopped at Nazar Börek Cafe where we had home-made lentil soup with warm bread and sucuk sausage and cheese gözleme, with two coffees and a coke the bill came to 32.50tl

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