Sunday, 16 November 2014

Quick Whizz Around The Basilica Of St John in Selçuk

We recently popped down the road to the Basilica of St John at Selçuk as we wanted to purchase a Müzikart for entry to the museums around Turkey.  While we were there we decided to have a quick look around the Basilica, we have been before but it is always a good place to visit, even though the weather was not particularly nice.

On our way from where we had parked the car to the Basilica, we walked around the back of the İsa Bey Mosque, where you have a couple of windows in the wall to the courtyard so you can a glimpse of the Mosque.  The Mosque was constructed during 1374 and 1375

As I said in the introduction we just had a quick walk round the Basilica, as we have been here before, but our friend who was with us had not.  The Basilica was constructed in the 6th Century by Justinian I.  It is said to stand over the burial site of John the Apostle.

I love the way this large piece of masonry is being propped up with some quite thin pieces of timber, but I guess it is doing its job.

Here you can see Ayasuluk Castle looming over the Basilica, we will visit this shortly.

My Husband and Friend with big ambitions of moving this even larger piece of masonry, they said they wondered if there was any treasure underneath!!

An inscription carved into one of the marble pillars, I wonder what it says?

There are some very large earthenware pots dotted around, they must have have been fired in a very large kiln.

I think this may be a grinding stone and dish, although the stone sitting here doesn't look big enough for the dish it is sitting in.

I have read about marble coffins being used in later years as water features, I wonder with the holes in it if this is the case, although if it was a coffin it was very small?  This also has an inscription carved on it.

Here up high in the Basilica we get a view down on the İsa Bey Mosque.

You also get a view of the town of Selçuk.

You can just about make out a figure carved in this piece of stone, I wonder who he was?

On our way back to the car, even now in late October there are still pretty flowers adding a splash of colour to the stonework around here.

I think this poor bench has seen better days, I hope nobody decides to sit on it.

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