Thursday, 26 February 2015

First Signs Of Spring Here In Turkey

We have been told by many people here in Turkey that we have experienced one of the coldest winters for over 50 years.  So it has been nice to have an odd day or two of warm sunshine over the last couple of weeks which has enabled some signs of Spring to start to appear.

The beach looks lovely in the early Spring Sunshine.

A couple of cats had found a warm spot, with a good vantage point, to soak up some of the sunshine.

The vivid yellow of the Buttercup reflecting the sunshine.

A Honey Bee with its already laden legs, was busy collecting pollen from a Rocket plant that had gone to seed.

A Skimmia Japonica full of bright red berries.

Some of the more sheltered Cherry Trees have some blossom on them.

Many of the Pine trees, already laden with pine cones are producing new ones, these ones were the size of walnuts....

along with their flowers which are swelling, getting ready to cover everything with their fine green pollen.

I spotted a Peregrine Falcon flying over the garden.

The Almond Trees have been full of blossom for some weeks now and are still looking good.

A small Japanese Quince plant in a friends garden has some flowers on it before the leaves appear.

A female Chaffinch was stretching its wings whilst perched in the late afternoon sunshine.

The Primrose Jasmine is full of flower.

A Pied Wagtail seemed to be on a mission.

There is a Little Owl that spends a lot of time around our friends house, living some of the time in their chimney.

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  1. Hi Janice, thank you for nice photos from my hometown.